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Joseph is a veteran of both US military and US government special operations units. He is a former Force Recon Marine, Army Special Forces “Green Beret”, and a former operative with the CIA’s Special Activities Division/Special Operations Group. Less than 1% of all special operations force's members in all 4 of the armed services combined (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) have successfully qualified for operational assignment with this unit. In the event an SAD/SOG operative is compromised during a mission, the US government may deny all knowledge of their activities. Security experts consider the SAD/SOG the premier covert action, ‘black ops’ unit in the world.

While serving with the SAD/SOG he deployed to OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq, and OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom) in Afghanistan and numerous other countries in the Middle East. He planned and conducted a broad range of DA (Direct Action) special operations missions covering the entire operational continuum. These missions gave the President of the United States an option when overt military and/or diplomatic actions were not viable or politically feasible. Operations of this nature required a rapid response with a surgical application of a wide variety of unique skills, while maintaining the lowest possible profile of U.S. involvement, in high consequence, zero compromise environments against national level threats. He has held a TOP SECRET-SCI with polygraph security clearance, the highest security clearance awarded by the U.S. government. He has attended over 40 formal schools in regard to special operations.

He was the co-star of the hit TV show ‘Dual Survival’ on the Discovery Channel shooting 41 episodes. He has survived in the most brutal environments on the planet. From the deserts of Oman to the glaciers of Norway to the jungles of Sri Lanka. He is acknowledged as a world-renowned expert on wilderness and urban survival.
Sri Lanka jungle
Glacier National Park
Bouldering at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Combat diver training, Little Creek VA.
Briksdalsbreen glacier, Norway
Advanced CQB training
On Yamaha 450, Afghanistan
Briefing Afgan commandos on mission, Afghanistan
NEW ZEALAND, Dual Survival (2)
afghan. pics  abad  qan. 052 washed
Boar kill with a spear_edited
CTPT  Counter Terrorist Pursuit Team, Afghanistan
Hiking, Glacier National Park
Hindu Kush mountains with members of SEAL Team 6
On modified Polaris ATV, Afghanistan
On range with my M4 carbine
Shoot house, Salt Lake City UT_edited
Base Camp, Mt. Everest
Atacama desert, Chile
22,500 ft HALO jump, Ft. Bragg
South Island, New Zealand
Survival-Duo_ep410_image16x9 111
Joe Teti
South Island, New Zealand (2)
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